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Relay Service

Suppose you are a small stake pool and are looking for an additional relay for your server, we are here for you!

Or you want Daedalus Wallet to sync faster than IOG/IOHK's servers do? Even then you can use the relay service.

  • Support trough Telegram/Twitter
  • Node version 8.7.2 (stable)
How to configure

TestNet Node

We host a COTI TestNet Node to support the implementation of Djed ( and further developments of the COTI blockchain. Do you want use the COTI TestNet? Then quickly click on "How to use" below and find out.

Cardano COTI

How to use

Why offers free services.
To cover the cost of the free services, we have created this token. We will appreciate it if you would like to obtain the token.


The token will be distributed through DEXes, see below and trough


Click on the link of your favorite DEX below to obtain the token with ADA.

Token Metrics

Ticker: CBLUE
Supply: 100,000,000.000000
Decimal Point: 6
Burn/Mint strategy: No
Type: Native token on Cardano
Policy ID: click here for info

Token distribution DEX

Minswap: click here to obtain
Wingriders: click here to obtain
SundaeSwap: click here to obtain

Other distribution

Team/Maintenance: 25% (25,000,000)